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Officers from the RSPCA investigate reports of animal cruelty and neglect on a farm, only to discover a 5-year-old boy curled up asleep in a dog bed, amidst filth and squalor.

He has severe physical and cognitive impairments, and no one outside the family seems to know of the existence of little Jacob.

When he arrives in the Allen household, a terrified Louise wonders how on earth she will cope looking after a child with his level of physical and emotional damage. With the support of veteran social worker, Mary, the fight begins to get Jacob the support he needs – as medical investigations begin to reveal more shocking details about Jacob’s story.


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How to Adopt a Child

Published by Vermilion / Penguin

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Latest Reviews

Louise's experience from both sides of the adoption process will help parents understand the potential challenges as well as the joys of adopting children.

Kim S. Golding CBE Clinical Psychologist


This book leaves you fully informed, fully armed, fully prepared to offer the support, the healing and love that will be needed.

Helen Bonnick  Holes in the Wall


From coping with childhood trauma to compiling a life story for your child, this book is a practical handbook that offers useful advice for adopters at every stage of the journey.

We Are Family link


A very moving, passionate and a clear guide which all adopters would benefit from. It is packed full of important ideas, lots of excellent information and refreshingly good and sound advice.

Jay Vaughan  CEO Family Futures


I can not recommend this brilliant book highly enough, its an original. It helps adopters to navigate a complex, imperfect and sometime conflicted system, helps them advocate for themselves and their children which in turn provides the safe strong foundation for a successful adoption

Sarah Anderson  Tandem Carer Services


This book provides you with a straight talking, practical journey through the whole adoption process. It cuts through the typical marketing gloss surrounding adoption and explains the process logically and sequentially. This book is well worth a read for those embarking on the adoption process.

Maria Catterick  FASD Network UK


As featured in the Independent View

As featured in the Independent View

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