Louise Allen

Louise grew-up in Oxford. As a baby she was adopted by a family who from the start said they did not want her, so she spent her time ping-ponging between her adoptive family and her birth mother who lived in Abingdon. The two mothers spent so much time intensely complaining about each other that they did not notice that Louise couldn’t live that way any longer.

At fifteen she got on a train and left.

Louise had a difficult educational experience. At first she was kept off school by her adoptive mother, then found she was later unable to stay in school because she was so far behind. That mixed with undiagnosed dyslexia and dyscalculia made her feel stupid, not to mention the sheer exhaustion from simply trying to survive the mental and physical abuse she was suffering at home. She kept sane by spending much of her time wandering around galleries and museums, something which helped inspire her to want to become an artist

Louise says ‘There was not much room in my head to learn: it was fizzing, crackling and hurting. I just couldn’t cope with school.’

Louise now lives with her family in Somerset in a house that is over 300 years old. It is made of stone, sticks, horse hair and love. She lives with her husband Lloyd who she originally met at art school in the 1980s but didn’t date until 2000. They have two boys, Jackson and Vincent, their permanent foster child T and changing numbers of foster children.

Louise campaigns for the rights of Foster Care workers and for the rights of vulnerable children.

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