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Looking after Looked After Children

In 2018 Louise launched an awareness raising campaign on the importance of the legal rights of children in the care system and to challenge and change attitudes towards children and young people who have been abused and neglected. Sometimes these children are seen as the problem.

Louise’s key subject of concern is Education

These children are less likely to receive an inheritance, a trust fund or have social capital. Their only access to having a life that most of us enjoy is through education and training. It is essential that they are supported and aided to receive a good education that enables them to move through the gateways onto a decent living and career. As a society we cannot afford for their life chances and rights to be ignored or misunderstood because of innate and silent prejudices against Looked After Children.


No Bullying In Our University

Whilst teaching Louise became increasingly aware of a culture of bullying across the student and academic bodies. After her own experiences of being bullied as a child Louise felt that more support and guidance was necessary to raise awareness and support for students and staff who felt they were being bullied. Louise believes that institutional cultures of bullying are systemic to organisations whose behaviour reflects the attitudes of their leadership. Louise wrote and illustrated a successful book that was given out free to staff and students. The No Bullying in our University guidebook is regularly reprinted.


The Heckler

Louise has always belonged to a Union believing in the rights and protection of workers and collective bargaining. Whilst Louise was teaching in Higher Education she became the Branch and Regional Secretary for the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU). Whilst in this role she started a quarterly magazine The Heckler. Louise along with a number of academics, students, MPs and other invited guests contributed articles, artwork and supportive information.

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