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About Louise

From an early age, Louise was adopted into a family who from the beginning said they didn’t want her. Her first book Thrown Away Child reveals the abuse and neglect she and a fellow adopted child suffered at the hands of their adopted mother Barbara. Ten years ago, Louise and her family became a fostering family. They have looked after over twenty children, some have stayed long term. This led to the bestselling series Thrown Away Children where Louise is inspired by the stories of children in the care system. Within days the latest book became a bestseller.

Louise now draws on her experience to write a new series of ‘How to’ books about adoption, fostering and parenting. How to Adopt a Child is the unvarnished truth about adoption. Louise is well known for “saying it as it is” so not only is it witty and engaging, it also empowers adopters to feel confident and in control and to know where to turn to for help.

As well as writing, Louise is an artist. In a normal working day, Louise can swap between painting and writing. Throughout her life Louise has made art nearly every day and if she doesn’t she will look and listen instead to work she admires from other artists, writers and musicians. She is currently working towards an exhibition and several paintings are now part of private collections. For over twenty years Louise taught Art and Design in Universities and residencies. Teaching and education is still something Louise cares deeply about. She is working with schools to help develop new ways of putting creativity at the heart of the curriculum and broaden children’s understanding about their behaviour and emotions. Louise has a particular interest in children and young people who struggle to stay in education.

Louise lives in Somerset with her blended family in an old house that requires lots of attention. She has two little dogs, Dotty and Douglas, who feature in the Thrown Away Children series and two cats who behave like they own the place.


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